7th Grade Lessons

For every Geogebra lesson in this course, it is assumed that the learner is coming in with little or no knowledge of the topic. But if a previous knowledge in an area of Mathematics is required prior to starting a new topic, we will mention that and also inform the learner on where to go. Otherwise, in each lesson, the learner is provided with steps to follow, and interact with a software program to make a mathematical discovery. This is followed by solving problems as an application of the principles that were discovered in the activity. We round up with an assessment(Quiz) of what they now know about the topic.

Now, it is our recommendation that the learner does not waste time and resources on topics that are not challenging. So, after making a payment for a lesson, the leaner will have access to at least four of the following elements;

  • An activity in which they follow steps by interacting with an applet to make a mathematical discovery.
  • A short explainer video in which they learn by watching and listening(Optional).
  • A PDF file or magazine in which they read and analyze content.
  • Questions based on what they discovered in the activity.
  • Practice questions on the topic from the IXL website, or a second applet.
  • A quiz on the topic to test the level of understanding.

We strongly recommend that our learner completes a lesson in one session, and makes sure their login credentials are handy. If they do not have one, they’ll be charged $0.99 for a temporal login info that will expire in 48 hours.