Lesson 3: Integer addition rules

Before you have access to this lesson from the links below, click on “Materials” to see what’s covered. The exercise is expected to last for not more than 1 hour 3o minutes, and please, be ready to complete this lesson in ONE session. If you haven’t signed up for the IXL SKILLS package, the temporal login info that you purchase from the link below, will be valid for 48 hours. 

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Activity #1 (30 minutes)

1. Topic: Integer addition rules(Applet).

2. Explainer Video: Integer addition rules.

Practice Exercise (30 minutes).

Topic: Integer addition rules.

Quiz Time – (Two sets: 30 minutes).

Topic: Integer addition rules (to be taken while you are logged in).

  1. An APPLET.
  2. Explainer video on " Integer addition rules".
  3. Exercise questions on " Integer addition rules". The questions exhibit an increasing order of difficulty. 
  4. Two sets of quizzes on "Understanding integers". The questions exhibit an increasing order of difficulty, and an average score of 80% expected.